About us

Our molds ar turned on the lathe or carved out of fresh, carefully selected knot-free wood, usually alder or beech. The surface is meticulously finished by hand with sharp knives and gouges.

The wooden mold-maker manufactures also blocks, shaped blocks, paddles and mold boards. Footing tools and overlay sticks are made out of pear wood.


When the hot glass comes in contact with the damp surface of the mold, which is soaked in water when not being used, a thin layer of steam is formed acting like a cushion between glass and mold.

This is the secret behind the exquisite surface on glassware blown in wooden molds.

Gunnar Englund

Gunnar worked as a wooden mold maker at Orrefors 1990-1997 and then founded Fantasilaboratoriet 1998.

Occasionally he also works as a sculptor, mainly with portraits or play sculptures.

Andreas Flink

joined Fantasilaboratoriet 2016 as a part-time mold maker .

Andreas has a Master Carpenter Degree

and is also currently responsible technician

at The Glass Factory's exhibition department.

This is a study made by

Kalmar Läns Museum

about the craftmanship

of making wooden molds

for glassblowing. 

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